Question 1 Summary

  • Will we be able to pilot a new grade book program before we commit to one? I just don't want to jump from the boiling pot to the fire. Our district has been known to do this often.
  • 1:1 computing. Yes, I think it should happen! But honestly, I doubt it ever will. Is a vision a wish list or a set of realistic goals?
  • As a teacher split between HS and MS I would like to better understand how this would work.
  • Especially flexible scheduling. It's hard to know what that might look like having never had it.
  • Concerns regarding 1:1 computing are if that means that the sixth graders would also have laptops I would like to see us taking a serious look at the limits that we might set on personal use of the laptop given their developmental level (that also applies to the 7th and 8th graders as well)
  • What would a flexible schedule for students (and staff teaching students) look like? Who will decide that?
  • Is this by teams, or will exploratory be involved?
  • What is PD time? The specifics and definitions of what these mean would be helpful.
  • For collaborative planning time, are you thinking of content areas across and/or at grade levels, as teaching teams, as greater grade levels? Are you including all other non-core instructors in collaborative planning time - e.g., exploratory teachers, ed techs, counselors, special educators, etc? Flexible schedule - ?
  • Would like to see discussions about the Humanities vs. Social Studies model. I am not sure why this took place and is it still our vision for the structure of our school.
  • I think this is great. We will need to work on the details. I am not a detail person myself but I know people will put their heads together for this one! And what ever this looks like will be developed as I guess are all the great ideas we have here. This is just one step and a good one. I guess I am really in the other camp. Let's do it! You can move me Bill!
  • I know a lot of time has been put into our reporting system but it feels like we are have made it less effective as a communication and reporting tool in the past year.
  • I wonder how flexible scheduling would work.    If we are bound to IC, how can that be altered to be a fair and consistent reporting tool? I really, really hate IC and wish that someone could express how much this tool sucks to the superintendent and school board rather then just sending us to Jim (although Jim is a great guy). If there is ONE thing I could change right away to get to the perfect school, it would be getting rid of this reporting tool. Thanks for "listening" to me vent.
  • Because I work with students in all three grade levels, scheduling is a big concern. 'Flexible' is scary, as unexpected changes are difficult (sometimes impossible) to support, and can throw my students, who do best with clear,consistent scheduling. Changes in the mainstream, especially with little notice, can also impact direct instruction periods .
  • I'm in a different position    I'm the school nurse and I see the first as a means to educate all of us on our own time and get paid -- that would be terrific . I took the professional development with Lisa Hogan last summer and had a great experience . I need all the professional development I can get. I'd love to also get credit from the DOE that would cover for my recert ceu's !
  • Maybe I am thinking about this wrong, but when I think of structure, I think of the "schedule"...and the structure of our day to provide our students the opportunity to get a well rounded middle school education... which includes a separate Social Studies class and Language Arts class...True, they work well together, but they are very different curriculum....And to have a "perfect" (as perfect as a school can be) middle school.
  • Do all "eighth graders" need to be on the same schedule?

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