Question 2 Summary

  • All set in this regard.
  • Let's review middle level philosophy~ are we all on the same page with that thinking?
  • Students or staff as well?
  • Don't know what this means. Whose philosophy on middle school?
  • These are all great elements for our school culture, but I would love to hear more about all of them, as they are all very broad categories...
  • I would like to see us be able to do more of this. We have spent a significant amount of time over the past few years filling out templates in focus group but have had very little time to discuss what we are doing with kids and how they are learning and we are teaching.
  • What are the obvious signs of middle level philosophy? I think I know them, but would like to see a list of the signs just to be sure I am on the same page, or not.
  • Practices I reflect on are the duties I am mandated to do as well as the pieces of my job that really need re-vamping . Hearing and Vision- could be done by volunteers trained to do this . It's fun for the first 50 but doing this for 200 plus is really important But could be done by others and then I could do re-screens . That is one example of nursing duties that could be changed . I could go on but will not for now . I do not know what middle level philosophy means . Student centered - I'd love them to discuss health issues and have learning experiences that they really learn about health and how their behaviors could change by simple steps to change - Nutrition is in need of a wake up call and the atmoshere in he cafeteria Loud and kind of crazy could be reflective and a learning experience . I was surprised if you order a hotdog you don't get 1 hot dog you get 2 .    Corn Dogs and desserts are a subject that needs discussion . How about fruit and dessert once a week.    I'd also like to see first aid/cpr/AED taught to all . I'd like our youngsters helping the elderly in our community .
  • What does "obvious" mean? Are we planning to make student choice the norm? How will we ensure that all staff are creating the high expectation?

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