MAMS MEA Testing Resources 2020

Testing Window 
3-8 Math & ELA Testing Window
March 16, 2020  through April 10, 2020
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It is expected that prior to the week of March 19th, you will have:

  • Had your students install Student Kiosk on to their MacBook Air device (7th and 8th grade).
  • Had students use the Kiosk to view sample test items and utilize the Universal Tools they will all have access to.
    • Possibly show students the "2020 MEA Student Kiosk" video (a little dry, but shows students how to use it and the tools)
  • Downloaded and reviewed the Test Administration Manual so that you will know what to do before, during, and after testing.
  • Taken part in MEA test administration training that includes viewing the test security video. (Not yet scheduled)
  • Sign, date, and return to me your Test Security Agreement that confirms that you viewed the video.


Links with a image have been updated for 2020.

Important MEA Links & Information:

Important Details Regarding MEA Testing image

MAMS MEA Math/ELA Testing Schedule image


 Kiosk User Guide image

  Portal User Guide image
Testing Time Schedule image MEA Student Kiosk image

6th Gr. Student: Launch/Practice Testing Kiosk
7/8 Gr. Student: Install/Launch/Practice Testing Kiosk 

MEA Accessibility Guideimage
Guide for Administering the Student Tutorialsimage

 Sample Items (all content areas) From 2017

 Grade 6    Grade 6
 Grade 7    Grade 7
 Grade 8    Grade 8


Gr. 6 Released Items     Gr.6 Support Materials
Gr. 7 Released Items Gr.7 Support Materials
Gr.8 Released Items Gr.8 Support Materials


Gr. 6 Released Items     Gr.6 Support Materials
Gr. 7 Released Items Gr.7 Support Materials
Gr.8 Released Items Gr.8 Support Materials

Practice Tests

Digital student practice is only available via the Student Testing Kiosk.
They are no longer available via a web browser.

One good way to get a feel for the test and to show students test functions and features is to access the practice tests. Practice Test can be taken only with the kiosk Client.   This is a good way to not only make sure students have the kiosk installed and it works properly, but it is a good chance for students to get used to the universal tools they can use during the tests.

Students should take the practice tests on the devices to be used for testing. Students no longer need log in credentials! Click Access the Student Tutorial on the kiosk sign in page and select the correct test from the drop-down menu.

PDF versions of sample test items are found here:, or from the grade-level links above.


Reading Session 1 and 2 (80 min. each)

Math Session 1 and 2 (75 min. each)
Writing/Language Sessions 1 and 2 (35 min. each)

Note: Times are exact and include additional 10 min. that students were previously allowed. Students must finish in allotted time, (unless time extension is required from 504, team decision, or IEP), or leave answers blank.



Click HERE to download the entire testing schedule in one .pdf document.

Day One
Thursday, 3/19/20
Math 1
Day Two
Friday, 3/20/20
Math 2
Day Three
Monday, 3/23/20
Reading 1 & Writing 1
Day Four
Tuesday, 3/24/20
Reading 2 & Writing 2




*Important Details Regarding MEA's.

*If all of the students in your testing session have finished the test prior to the end of the testing session, they are to remain quiet and in your room until the time the session ends has come so as not to disturb those students who are finishing their testing.
*Any students arriving late to school will not take part in that testing session that day and will make up the test on another day.
*Small Group proctors will need to remain with their students until they have completed the test due to the need to meet accommodations and complete the test in one day.   As a result of this requirement please anticipate some scheduling dilemmas.
*The Learning Commons classes will take place according to the altered schedule for the week.  While the Learning Commons will remain open during testing, there may not be full staff there, so be mindful of that before sending students there.
*Any technical difficulties, call Bethany (ex. 1227) and she will contact support for you.
*If the exam freezes on a student laptop, simply turn the laptop off and turn it back on again to continue testing. If issues continue, call Bethany and a tech support person will come to your assistance.
*Students should be given pencils and scrap paper for use during the test.  Pencils can be obtained from the main office.  REMEMBER, you are to collect the scrap paper at the end of each test session and dispose of it.
*Any requests for students to be opted out of the test should be referred to Josh.  Students opting out will be supervised in the Learning Commons .
*MOTOR BREAK and IN-SCHOOL BEHAVIORS - Please be mindful of the fact that other grades may be testing while your students have a motor break.  Motor breaks should be moved to the front of the building rather than the back.  Additionally, please remember that there will be students testing throughout the day, throughout different parts of the building so we are asking that everyone instruct students to act accordingly - act as if there is testing occurring in all rooms throughout the entire day. 

6th Grade Teachers and Exploratory Teachers

Exploratory Teachers should not expect 6th graders to bring laptops to classes on testing days.

6th Grade Homeroom Teachers should have students make sure their laptops are charged before they leave for exploratory classes.

7th & 8th Grade Teachers and Exploratory Teachers Exploratory Teachers should only ask for limited use of laptops on testing days .

All Teachers

Limit network use during team time while other grades are testing in order to prevent overload of the network.

The Maine Assessment and Accountability Reporting System (MAARS) 
The (MAARS) site provides information about how Maine’s students performed on previous state assessments.

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